The Huber Shield

Huber Motor Cars in Fredericksburg, VA

The Huber family designed the art element of the company logo, which we refer to as the Huber Shield. Each element of the shield has meaning to Clay Huber and reflects the priorities of his life – faith, family and fun.

Shape – It is in the form of a shield, which represents the protective shield of faith spoken of in Ephesians 6:16.
Huber – The Huber name is in the center, representing the central place of family.
The Cross – Beneath the family name is an illuminated cross, reflecting that the Huber family – and thus the company – stands on the foundation of the cross.
Five Sides – The shield is five-sided to represent the members of the Huber household.
The Flag – The checkered flag at the top represents going the distance in life.
Colors – Clay chose orange and green because orange is his favorite color and is warm and bright like the sun; green, a reminder of spring, stands for new beginnings.
Overall look – The vintage design is a nod to classic motor sports, one of Clay’s hobbies.
Seven – The logo incorporates seven elements. Seven is often referred to as God’s number and thus is Clay’s favorite number. It symbolizes completeness, representing that we are complete in Christ.