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Spend the 4th of July At the Ferry Farm

George Washington Praying Ferry Farm

Finding the perfect way to spend the Fourth is always hard. You must accommodate for all your family members and sometimes you just can’t meet a proper verdict. Lucky for you, we have completed the ultimate guide for spending a successful holiday in Fredericksburg. Starting with visiting our first founding father’s farm in Stafford County… Read more »

Fredericksburg Hosting 2017 US Youth Soccer RegionaI Championships

Boy Shooting at Soccer Goal

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It goes by different names depending on the country, but this sport is widely played across most of the world’s continents. Here in the United States, youth soccer is one of the most competitive sporting events in the nation, and the U.S. Youth Soccer… Read more »

Stomp Out Summer Boredom with Vacation Bible School

Christian kids at Vacation Bible School

Imagine living a dull routine of going to work, finishing work and going home. Granted, for some people, this is an ideal situation, but for others, it can get rather boring over the course of a year. While this may be an ideal situation for you, it probably isn’t for your kids. They can easily… Read more »

Get Inspired at the Virginia Homeschool Convention

Virginia Homeschool Convention encourages homeschooling

Fredericksburg parents that choose to teach their children at home will find that they can be inspired to try new things and teach in a new way after spending time at the Virginia Homeschool Convention. Parents of homeschooled children may find that this event is just what they need to get excited about teaching their… Read more »



THE FAST LANE is a monthly feature spotlighting one Huber Motor Cars team member in a profile you can read in 30 seconds or less. So fasten your seat belt. KYLENE KERSTETTER, Customer Relationship Specialist, Huber Collision Center TIME IN CUSTOMER SERVICE: 14 years WHY COLLISION CENTER WORK: My sister’s idea OTHER JOBS HELD: Coffee… Read more »